The sadya that is served as a feast in Kerala to celebrate anything from a birthday to a wedding to festivals is a feat in itself. There are typically about 16-20 dishes or more and there is a subtle variation in the dishes and the way they are made, depending on which part of Kerala you are eating the sadya at. This feast is served on banana leaves and you have to sit on the floor to eat this feast. Though, people do serve sadya on the leaf on a dining table but the fun of it is to sit on the floor cross legged and enjoy this wonderfully put together feast. Be assured that by the time you get done with the sadya you are most likely to have pins and needles on your legs!

There is a certain order in which these various dishes are served on the banana leaf. Again this varies a little from region to region in Kerala. Some folks start out with salt or pickle, others start out with payasam (a sweet pudding). In the end, it doesn’t matter, as you are gonna eat it all. Also, there is no order to eating them except for the various courses that are served. But you don’t have to worry about that part, those who are serving will have to.


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The courses are defined by the more saucier curries that are poured over the rice. All courses will still have all those vegetable sides that were initially served and you can have multiple servings of that. It of course ends with a course or sometimes multiple courses of dessert. Dessert is always payasam – how it becomes multiple courses is when there are many types of payasams made.

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Inji Puli- Puli Inji - Inji Curry - Mirch Masala - Kerala Sadya Recipes Onam Vishu

One of the main components of a sadya, that is often overlooked, but is very essential to maintain that balance is the pickle. Be it lime/lemon pickle or mango pickle or puli inji.

Whenever I talk about puli inji, a story comes to mind. This happened when I was 9 or so and I was at my cousin’s wedding. For the sadya, I had finished my rice with the curries and all that and was waiting for the payasam course. One of the servers, came with this bog bowl of brown looking thing and planted it right in the middle of my plate (banana leaf). Now, if you are familiar with Southern Indian cuisine, there is something called chakkara pongal which is a type of payasam that is made with jaggery and is one of the payasams that is not runny. It is not a very commonly served payasam for sadya, but I didn’t know any better then. I thought, whatever was served on my plate was this payasam and ate a big mouthful of it, only to realize it was a very particularly spicy inji puli! I turned red and my eyes started watering and I started getting hiccups. Everyone around me panicked and one offered some payasam, while another offered water, yet another offered bananas and others something more! I don’t remember what all I ate to get rid of the spicy heat from my body. But it sure was a lesson well learnt, to not gobbble up a huge mouthful of something just because it looks like something you love!

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