Pear Ginger Fizz - Spring Cocktail - Mirch Masala (3)

Not that winter kept us from drinking any cocktails, it was more the time for warm and fuzzy feeling cocktails or a glass of red wine (mulled even, during the holidays) to keep away the cold dreary feeling. Come spring and the hope of warm and possibly even hot days, makes us all flock towards fruity refreshing cocktails, a glass of chilled beer or a pinot grigio!

I made this one Friday afternoon when AJ was back home a little early from work and it was a good sunny day out to sit on our deck and sip this cocktail while the little guy played around! We have to make our own happy hours at home these days. Smile

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Blueberry Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes - Mirch Masala - Spring Brunch (4)

My new favorite combination is lemon and blueberries!! I re-discovered the beauty and balance of this combination when I made the Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese Danish and have been dreaming about it all day and night like someone in love! Yes, I am in love! With lemons and blueberries! And of course, spring! And flowers and sunshine and walk in the sun with lil V and everything spring! It is just so good out here, (except for the last two days or so) that all I want to do is be outside. Who cares if chores at home are piling up. I am glad my “boss” aka lil V wants to be out all the time and it is the perfect season for that! This just became is the best job ever!

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Kerala Sadya Recipes – A Round Up

April 14, 2014

The sadya that is served as a feast in Kerala to celebrate anything from a birthday to a wedding to festivals is a feat in itself. There are typically about 16-20 dishes or more and there is a subtle variation in the dishes and the way they are made, depending on which part of Kerala [...]

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Inji Puli / Puli Inji / Inji Curry ~ Ginger Tamarind Pickle Curry | Kerala Sadya Recipe

April 13, 2014
Inji Puli- Puli Inji - Inji Curry - Mirch Masala - Kerala Sadya Recipes Onam Vishu

One of the main components of a sadya, that is often overlooked, but is very essential to maintain that balance is the pickle. Be it lime/lemon pickle or mango pickle or puli inji. Whenever I talk about puli inji, a story comes to mind. This happened when I was 9 or so and I was [...]

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Aval Payasam ~ Beaten Brown Rice (Poha) Pudding with Jaggery and Coconut Milk | Kerala Sadya Recipe

April 11, 2014
Aval Payasam ~ Beaten Brown Rice (Poha) Pudding with Jaggery and Coconut Milk - Mirch Masala - Kerala Sadya Recipes Vishu Onam

Though this may not be the most common payasams made for sadya, this can be something you veterans out there who celebrate Vishu and Onam with sadyas every year, to make something different from your regular ada pradhaman, pal payasam etc. This is also perfect as a second payasam to make (to show off, if [...]

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Pazham Pulisseri / Pazham Pulissery ~ Ripe Plantains in a Spiced Coconut Yogurt Sauce | Kerala Sadya Recipes

April 10, 2014
Pazham Pulisseri - Pazham Pulissery - Mirch Masala - Kerala Sadya, Onam, Vishu (4)

The concept of a sadya and the various different elements to it just blows my mind every time I think of it. This is in spite of growing up eating a sadya at least a few times a year – for Onam, Vishu, Birthdays and invariably some weddings. If you have been following my blog, [...]

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Makai Murgh Curry ~ Corn and Chicken Curry

April 8, 2014
Makai Chicken Curry - Corn Chicken Curry - Mirch Masala (2)

If left to the will of my laziness, I would make my go-to everyday chicken curry for AJ. Sometimes, my will power takes over that of my laziness’ and I go look up recipes in my books, on the internet and what not and make something a little more interesting like this. When I first [...]

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Little People Food–Spinach, Rice and Corn Patties

April 4, 2014
Spinach, Rice and Corn Patties - Mirch Masala - Toddler Food Recipe (2)

I know lil V does not get bored if I repeat his food every now and then and AJ keeps reminding me of that. But I just feel as if he does get bored. I mean, I get bored! I cannot eat the same thing for more than two meals. So I kinda don’t expect [...]

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Achari Aloo Chole ~ Potato and Garbanzo Bean Curry with Pickling Spices

March 30, 2014
Achari Aloo Chole - Potatoa dn Garbanzo Bean Curry with Pickling Spices - Mirch Masala (2)

It is not the first time I am writing about this and definitely will not be the last time – because that is how most of my cooking sessions end up being. I started making a Achari Chana Pulao, a Tarla Dalal recipe that I have made several times before and at the last minute, [...]

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Almond Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

March 26, 2014
Almond Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish - Mirch Masala (4)

I don’t remember where I saw this recipe. It was either on Foodgawker or Pinterest.Wherever it was, it piqued my interest and went to the blog to look up the recipe. It took me to this lovely blog, Wanna be a Country Cleaver where there was a recipe for 20-minute Blueberry Cream Cheese Danishes. The [...]

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